How to choose outdoor lighting? How about outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is an indispensable night lighting in modern cities. It is a function commonly used by family members. It can reduce driver fatigue, improve traffic conditions, illuminate vehicles and pedestrians, and ensure road capacity and traffic volume. One. This is very safe. Our company specializes in the production and sales of high-quality outdoor lighting fixtures. Friends who have certain requirements for quality are welcome to contact our customer service to obtain product information and serve you in time.

Second, the type of outdoor lighting


Road lighting: The road is the artery of the city. The main lighting is street lights installed on the road to provide the visibility required by vehicles and pedestrians at night. Street lights improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, improve road capacity, and ensure traffic safety.

Courtyard lights: Courtyard lights are mainly used for urban roads, residential roads, industrial parks, landscape lighting, tourist attractions, park courtyards, green belts, square lighting and lighting fixtures. Garden lighting can greatly improve the living environment and improve the quality of life of residents.


Lawn lamp: It is used for lighting around the lawn and is also an important landscape facility. The unique design and soft lighting add safety and beauty to the urban green landscape, which can be used for lawns, such as parks, garden villas, pedestrian roads, parking lots and squares. Wall lamp: The wall lamp is beautiful, the lines are simple and beautiful. Various styles and forms are generally placed in the community, park or shame, very grateful. Easy to install, easy to maintain and low power consumption.

Floodlight: It can enhance certain lighting on the illuminated surface above the surrounding environment. Also known as spotlight. It usually targets any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. Mainly used in wide area mines, building outlines, stadium overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds

Post time: Jul-09-2021