Experience fully customizable indoor and outdoor lighting with Best of Southern Utah LightingFX winner.

Do your part – LightingFX expands the imagination in Southern Utah. Whether you’re looking for permanent holiday lighting or motion-activated stair lighting, this local family business has the tools to help turn your home or business into something truly memorable.
LightingFX specializes in custom, innovative lighting design and installation for any occasion, including landscape, architectural landscape, indoor and outdoor. Each project is carried out by a licensed and insured qualified electrician with over 20 years of industry experience.
Owner Michael Ollis and his wife Danielle moved to southern Utah from Wyoming in 2021 and moved the business here. He has specialized in accent lighting for over a decade and understands the value of lighting in home design. It can play a sensory role, creating a unique experience and enhancing any living space.
“We believe you can have the most beautiful piece of art, decorative flooring or wall covering,” he says. “But their beauty can only be revealed with the right lighting.”
Serving homes and businesses in the St. George, Cedar City and Mesquite areas, LightingFX helps customers decorate their kitchens, bars, basements, garages, bathrooms, backyards, pool decks, sidewalks, driveways and more. A manufacturer’s warranty plus an in-house warranty on all installed items guarantees lifetime performance.
Earlier this summer, Best of Southern Utah voters awarded LightingFX a gold medal in the Christmas & Outdoor Lighting category for the second time in a row. The facility also received silver medals for lighting and electrical, and Ollis said he was delighted to receive customer recognition for a job well done.
“Mike is a talented electrician with original ideas and visual creativity. His talent will bring unique lighting to our custom home,” says LightingFX client Michelle Ashdown. “That’s saying a lot if you want to befriend an electrician for life.”
“We had the most fun basement in the world, there were lights everywhere. The kids loved coming to the theatre, the gym and all the lights were there. We had party lights outside and it was a lot of fun for me.. just program things and surprise seven different light sequences,” adds Justin Morgan, another client. “Creativity is amazing because we can keep coming up with different ideas and implementing them, so thanks LightingFX!”
Subtle accent lighting is a key feature of modern home design, and today’s homeowners are looking for ways to avoid garish fixtures on walls and ceilings. LightingFX provides low voltage linear focus customizable lighting that can be tailored to customer needs and used in virtually any space. It is ideal for new construction or refurbishment of outdated lighting.
“It’s very unique and versatile,” says Daniel Olis. “It can really fit into any room in the house and be everything you need.”
LightingFX also installed motion-activated passive infrared sensor lighting for added safety and aesthetics. Unlike traditional motion sensors, PIR lighting responds to changes in temperature and radiation levels, providing improved accuracy.
Many LightingFX customers choose to install permanent outdoor lighting to ensure their homes are the brightest on the block during the holidays. Forget unsightly wires, cables and cords, these inconspicuous lights, mounted in gutters or panels, shine outward instead of downward for increased visibility and safety, and are completely waterproof.
Customers can keep the party going all year round with endless color customization options. From celebrating a birthday to supporting your favorite sports team, homeowners can control the system with a convenient smartphone app. They can use the calendar feature to change color schemes and patterns, set timers, and schedule different lighting for different days.
“Everything we do is 100% customizable. Wherever you want to place it, we will install it. We will make any shape you want,” says Michael Olis. “Each project is a separate task.”
If you’re ready to enhance your home with custom lighting from LightingFX, call 435-705-8228 today for a quote.
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Post time: Sep-06-2023